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Dramatically Better Images was one of the first photography workshops in Leesburg, VA and Banbury, UK to offer live models and hands-on shooting activities.  This intensive 3.5 hour workshop is designed to improve your photography perspective and technical knowledge.  Class size is limited to 7, to ensure each participant receives one-on-one attention.

Cost: $175 per person


-3.5 hour workshop with Megan in Leesburg, VA
-30+ page pdf with everything we covered
-mobile app with helpful tips and tricks
-snacks and drinks
-1, 30 minute video session to review your photos
-2 weeks of email follow up with Megan
-goodie bags (of course!)

Next Workshop:

February 2017 (dates to be announced early January!)
March 2017 (dates to be announced early January!)


100% of participants would refer a friend!

 Participant Feedback

Very informative and excellent for all skill levels. I had NO idea what any of the buttons on the camera did and now I have a vastly better knowledge of how to use the camera. Thank you son much for offering this. Hoping to do more workshops with you in the future. -Lauren F.

Great technical practice! I had no idea what the meter was and was using it to adjust exposure to try and brighten pictures. Now I use it to help me adjust the light through my settings using the exposure triangle! I was able to use manual settings on my camera the very next day after the workshop! -Jennifer T.

…you were very helpful with the “hands on” portion of the exposure triangle. (ie. if you need to bump up shutterspeed… there are only 2 other places to compensate for it). It made it easier to understand! -Jillian R.

From a version of this course that includes kiddos (usually run over spring break)…..

Undertook this fantastic workshop when we were lucky enough to have Megan in the UK.
Learned lots of really helpful techniques & had a wonderful time photographing my 2 boys #makingmemories -Kelsa D.

We had such a giggle on this course whilst learning the techniques and capturing some fab shots of our little men.
Had wanted to do the course for so long and was great to finally do it with Megan!  -Karen S.

I had a great time on the course I attended.  Megan was so patient and so knowledgable.
I was able to capture some great images of my son. #theyareonlylittleonce -Rachel T.

The absoulte best way to learn your specific camera is a 1-2-1 lesson.  Megan offers lessons for all skill levels and all camera types (i.e., point and shoot, bridge, dslr).  Our time together will be tailored to meet your sepcific needs.  Instruction is presented in plain speak (not a bunch of techno mumbo jumbo), with hands-on, practical exercises.  Modules options include: camera settings, perspective, composition, advanced camera settings, natural light (outdoor), natural light (indoor), intro to flash,  the 5 steps you should take before taking an image, and Megan's very own creation, "Snapshot verus Portrait".  

Thank you for yesterday, I had such a fun morning!!
The pdf is amazing!  - Carol A.

Get a group of 5-7 friends together and let's learn about how to take Dramatically Better Images, while you and your friends enjoy a cocktail!  Everyone leaves with a bag of goodies, a PDF full of helpful tips & hints for taking better images, and  increased confidence when it comes to using your camera.  You don't need a "fancy" camera- an iphone, point n shoot, bridge or dslr will do.  

*You provide the cocktails and if you prefer you may serve coffee, cakes, cookies- whatever you like- that's what we'll call it. :)